Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dr. Farhat Hashmi Fatwaa by Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab

Checout the Fatwaa Issued by Mufti Taqi Usmani about Farhat Hashmi. Click on the Image to Enlarge it.

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    Dr. Hashmi is infamous for her controversial belief, which are been under discussion in different school of thoughts, few of them are stated below:

    * She consider Taqlid as a forbidden act in respect to Islamic jurisprudence. [1]
    * "Qaza" (Re-offering of the missed prayer) is of no significance. [2], where as proof of Qaza is mentioned in Hadith, "If any one misses salah due to sleep or forgetfulness, he must pray it when he remembers,that will be its time" ( Sahih Muslim, VI-P124) at one more place "Between a person and disbelief is discarding Salah". [Reported by Imam Muslim]
    * According to Dr.Hashmi, Women could touch and receit Quran during their menstrual periods [3], which is prohibited according to Hadith.[4]
    * Dr Hashmi appreciate women to come into the Mosque. [5], where as Islam discouraged women to come into Mosque [6],[7], [8]

    1. According to what i have come across is that she is against or has disagreed on "Qaza e Umri", which is when one person has not prayed for a certain period of his life and then when he starts his regular prayers he is supposed to repeat the prayers of all the years he has not prayed...?

  2. Salam,
    Dr Farhat hashmis father was a student tof gr8 scholar Maulana shabbir ahmed usmani, and i dont htin khe had such views. I dont know how can Dr Farhat give such views

  3. Can the author of the above post including the fatwas in urdu, answer something:

    1) when was this fatwa /or fatwas published?
    2) who signed them?
    3) where was the fatwa published? for instance a national newspaper, or other?
    4) how many fatwas are there?

    Can you also make available an English translation of the fatwa.

  4. Islam has been around for thousands of years and there is absolutely no point of a woman or infact a man to start changing the way one prays to Allah. How can this woman say Surah Yaasin is of no use? Just that thought is shirk and she should repent asap.

  5. Is our salah forgiven when we make haj or umrah when we ask for forgivness?????

  6. Salam,
    My ques is if a person has done zina and other wrongs in his life and repenting on wts been done ,and ask Allah for fogivness with his true heart, will he be questiond on the day of jujment.??

    1. We expect from Allah's mercy that He will forgive His person after he asks Allah for forgiveness with pure heart.